Ed Frank6/16/2019
True Rest
Video 44106

Ron Day6/9/2019
Tend My Sheep
Video 44105

Ed Frank6/2/2019
Come and See, Go and Tell
Video 44095

Ed Frank5/26/2019
When Life Throws You a Curve Ball
Video 43862

Ed Frank5/19/2019
Recreation or Re-creation
Video 43801

Laurens Community Youth Group4/21/2019
Sunrise Service
Video 43544

Ed Frank3/24/2019
The Consequences of Sin
Video 43249

Ed Frank3/17/2019
God Can Change Lives
Video 43247

Ed Frank3/3/2019
Heavenly Worship
Video 43035

Ed Frank2/17/2019
Faith: A matter of opinion or a matter of fact
Video 42923